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An excellent public service to the Division.


Ensure the effective public service to all under the national priorities with the participation of people in division


Island South Division is the largest Division out of seven Islands located towards the south west Jaffna peninsula in the North West of SriLanka. It’s located 16 Km from Jaffna.  410 km from capitol of Srilanka. The Division Spreads over an area of 98.4 Sq Km . In the North the division borders with Kayts in North,In the  south and west with Indian ocean. and in the east with the  shallow salt water area    as its boundaries. Delft A.G.A Division is located in the west side of this division. It comes under Jaffna electorate division contain 9.18% land area of Jaffna district.

This Divisional Secretariat division divided into Thirty Grama Niladhari divisions and 63 villages. Furthermore , it contains one Local Government  jurisdiction area.

The population of this division was 52728 and 11004 families in 1990. Now the Population of this division was 17901 and 5285 families.  The average population density is 182 inhabitants per Km2

Most of people are involved in Agriculture, Animal rearing and Fishing. Palmyra  is growing naturally in this area and these are used for handicraft production and related Industries

Main villages  in  division

This Divisional secretariat division consist Four main  region  (Island)

  • Mandativu

Mandativu is small island off the coast of Jaffna Peninsula. It is connected to the mainland via a causeway. Most of people are involved in Fishing and  Agriculture It is divided into 3 GN division

  • Lyden

Velanai , also known as Leiden in Dutch, is a small island off the coast of Jaffna Peninsula in the North of Sri Lanka. Velanai is also the name of an important village within the Island. There are number of other villages within the island such as Allaipiddy, Mankumpan  and Saravanai.

It is divided into 12 GN Division . The majority of the people are Hindus and Christians. There are number of Hindu Temples along with a Church

  • Pungudutivu

Pungudutivu is an island composed it is located  the Jaffna Peninsula and it content 12 GN division

Each corresponding a major settlement. Most of the residents of the Island are Tamils with majority being Hindus and a minority Christians.. The civil war has let a large number of people to migrate out of the Island throughout the world.[

  • Nainativu

Nainativu or  Nagadeepa  is a small but Popular  island off the coast of Jaffna Peninsula .It is the  home of  the    Hindu shrine Nagabooshani Amman temple and Buddhist shrine NagaVhare .The island is believed by historians to have been mentioned in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature of nearby Tamil Nadu (such as Manimekalai). and in the  ancient Buddhist legends of Sri Lanka such as Mahavamsa

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